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CP Hollywood

Legend of Guilda

Legend of Guilda

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Film Description: Long before time was ever recorded by man, there were 2 groups of people that roamed this earth. Gildan's, hard working loving people and the Zoltron's, guilty of the worst of sins.

 For years their people could not come to terms of peace and when they would, the Zoltron people would always break their peace treaties, sneaking at night and burning villages, taking the lives of civilians and forcing women and children to watch their loved ones be burned to death. But to the Zoltron's own ego they thought they had defeated all of Guilda.

The Gildan's smarter than them, vanished and went underground for years, until the story was only but a legend passed down to the families of the Zoltron people. While the Zoltron's flourished and became civilized, the Gildan's had time to think about all the vial and heinous acts put upon them. They began working with spells, strengthening themselves, working with the creatures below and when the day came for the Gildan's to meet the Zoltron people again, the world would never be the same!

Watch this Epic Short FIlm and let me know what you think! if you like Harry Potter and mythical fantasy movies, this is for you!

Voice-overs, Written, Produced, Musically Scored (Original Music) & Edited by CP Hollywood AKA Andrew Liebenhaut!

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