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Licensing Agreement With

Purpose of The Agreement

This agreement is set forth to clearly outline what an artist can and cannot do with the instrumental(s) they have purchased or are contemplating purchasing from which for the purpose of this agreement shall be referred to as (our site).


1-Purchasing Entitlement Rights & Copyright Rights

A-Non-Exclusive Licensing Rights When a beat, song, or any digital distribution item has been sold by our site, the purchaser has the right to record on it, distribute it, release it, make money with it, perform it etc. (refer to Section 4 REGISTERING THE RECORD) However, the record may not be copywritten (no authorization is given in this agreement to do so) unless a record has been exclusively licensed. B- Exclusive Licensing Rights Purchaser may copyright their song when exclusive rights are purchased through our site (if the option shows as available). In most cases they are available as exclusives for 1999.99. C-Cease and Desist You may not continue to release your song, once notified that your instrumental has been sold exclusively to another party and all licensing rights shall cease. (This is rare), but may happen in a Major Label Placement scenario or if someone decided to pay the full 1999.99 through our site) for the same digital download you purchased as a Non-Exclusive Agreement.


2-Potential Sample Clearances

Our site works hard to ensure the sounds we use are all original and created from scratch. However, there can/could be sounds that our site may be unaware of that exist within the beats/digital downloads that could potentially cause a legal issue. In the event of litigation, the purchaser here-bye releases our site and it’s affiliates and/or members from any liability and/or harm done and/or cost of such litigations and repercussions.


3-Due Diligence

It is imperative that the purchaser do their due diligence when considering sample clearance and/or questions regarding samples used in digital downloads from our site. All sales are final, so they buyer should do all due diligence prior to purchasing from our site.


4-Registering Your Creation

All RECORDINGS recorded from digital downloads purchased from our site, MUST BE REGISTERED CORRECTLY! CP Hollywood 50% Producer / CP Hollywood Productions 50% for publishing company Purchaser 50% / Publishing company (if you have one) 50% Must put CP Hollywood with BMI publishing affiliation. This can be done whether you are with ASCAP or BMI.


5-Income from any digital releases

A-Income Received - Income received from any recordings over digital downloads from our site shall be dispersed to at the same rate as BMI publishing splits listed in section 4. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to keep such profit and loss documentation and our site reserves the right to hire a professional auditing company to review your records pertaining to this the recording. The purchaser must contact our site if income is being made. B-Splits Unless Exclusive Rights Are Purchased 50% profit split from units sold will be subject to a change of 3% (3 pts) on any single/song and/or medium released once purchased exclusively from our site. This will not and does not affect the publishing on the record it self at 50% for both the music and publishing.


Conclusion & Commencement

By purchasing from our site you are agreeing to the terms set forth in this agreement. This agreement will be legally binding whether by clicking a box, initialing, signing or simply continuing to purchase from our site.

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