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Custom beats that match your style.

Make your music an industry-standard that matches your expectations.

Are you also struggling with these?

Most artists starting out struggle with these. Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Finding great (instrumental) music. If you are, you don't just need a custom beat. You also need someone with real experience to guide you trough the entire process of producing a song...

Worry about LICENSES no more!

CP Hollywood's Custom Beats are Exclusive just for you. It will never be posted or heard elsewhere You'll have a sound that no one else owns.  Take your career to another level.

Why Custom Beats?
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Custom Beat

A custom made instrumental based on your wishes.


Your personal potential hit song comes with an Exclusive License signed by CP Hollywood.



I will give you tips and tricks in the industry that will guide you through the entire process of song production.

How It Works


Submit Request and Wait for Approval to aa CP Hollywood Custom Beat

Submit Request and Wait for Approval

Slots are limited and I like to choose whom I work with. You’ll be notified by email within 24 hours.


Initial $50 Deposit

Slots are limited and I like to choose whom I work with. You’ll be notified by email within 24 hours. 



If you're at this step, it means that we see that you have potential, and we would be proud to have represented you. The $50 deposit is deducted from this payment.


Production Process

Let’s go! Beat making, songwriting, recording, and back and forth communication about the project.


Mixing & Mastering

Beat, Vocal, and Full Song Mixing and Mastering.


Project Complete!

Setting up the paperwork for the Exclusive License and transferring all audio files. (Master Recording, Tracked Out Stems, etc.)

Custom Beats

by CP Hollywood



Custom Beat

Exclusive License

Tracked Out



Submit Request

After submitting this form, you will be routed to pay the initial $50 deposit.

The Custom Beat Service includes Exclusive License. Please review both the License and the Terms and Conditions.

What type of track do you need?
Do you want me to produce the track in a specific Key?

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These are some of the major label artists that I have produced for: