Fort Lauderdale FL-based artist CP Hollywood is known for being an eclectic producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter. Best known for producing “Million Dollar Girl." Released as a lead single for rapper Trina featuring Diddy and Keri Hilson. One of his most memorable moments was producing & recording “On Deck” at his home studio for a local Miami group Unda Surveillance. That song would grow to be a Florida classic. Heard on a daily basis in nightclubs and house parties. Becoming a #1 record on South Florida’s largest commercial rhythmic station. Eventually remixed to feature Pitbull & Ace Hood. CP Hollywood was signed to SlipNSlide Records as a producer. The iconic label that introduced the world to South Florida legends Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Plies & Trina. It looked like CP’s path to success was opening wide but a new chapter was soon to come.


After leaving Slip N Slide, CP Hollywood began his second life as a Broward County School teacher. Know as Mr. L to his students. It was normal to hear his students walking the halls, singing songs he produced. Before taking a job as an Assistant Principal, Mr. L decided on another swift career change. One that had the potential to provide him long-term financial security. Mr. L. would be known next as Andrew the Realtor. Applying the same tactics that he used as a hungry music producer, he succeeded in owning his own real estate office with over 100 agents. Occasionally taking time to make a few beats to sell on his website. Instead of flipping beat CDs, he was now flipping homes. This came full circle when he appeared on a 103.5 The Beat radio interview as a real estate entrepreneur. Teased by radio host Papa Keith singing songs he produced, knowing his history as a music producer.

Three miles west of Fort Lauderdale beach sits Fort Lauderdale High School. This is where CP Hollywood competed in school talent shows. After High School, he moved to Tallahassee FL, to attend Florida State University. CP would record artists in his apartment bedroom to make ends meet while off to college. It was in that apartment he earned the moniker CP for Constantantly Pimpin. Given to him by his roommate, because of the abundance of female traffic in and out of his bedroom on a nightly basis. Along with the name Hollywood for Hollywood Florida. Eventually, CP would meet a local producer Ken Jo who worked with Field Mobb. A rap group signed to a major record label at the time. While working on an R&B album for CP, producer Ken Jo would become CP's inspiration to shift focus towards beat-making. CP would soon become a hot producer by mixing and tagging his beats. Putting them on beat CDs and handing them out to artists on a regular basis. After college CP moved back to South FL with his beat CDs in hand. Linking up with his now business partner Mike aka Slick, to start working with South FL's best talents. Within six months a large number of South FL artists had songs featuring CP’s fresh sound. That’s when independent labels took notice. CP started selling beats to artists across the country, choosing very large cash payments for beats over the politics of landing records on major label projects. 


2021 marks the return of CP Hollywood as a producer, artist & CEO. Sticking to his traditional southern core of 808 bass and knack for guitar loops. Under his own imprint Purple Vision Music, CP Hollywood releases his single “Purple Skys.” A melodic, spaced-out record dedicated to his truth. A regular guy, who smoked weed daily since his early teens and loves to create unique music.  CP wrote "Purple Skies" while streaming LIVE on TikTok in front of his 170K plus followers. Having his way with sound and the freedom to create allows the world to see and hear CP at his very best.